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Feel the differences.

It's Soba,

Buckwheat Noodle.

Buckwheat Noodle, The Soba Place

Est. 2020

Made With Love. Simply Delicious

We put our heart and soul into every single buckwheat noodle we make. It is the essence of Japanese food culture.


Addictive yet
Healthy noodle

Different from Ramen, Soba noodles have some amazing health benefits.  That's why they have been loved for 9,000 years and still are today.


Kaz's buckwheat is made from organic buckwheat flour produced by contract farmers in Linneus, Maine.

Linneus is located at 47 degrees north latitude, which is  in the middle of the wilderness, close to the Canadian border. Our variety is ‘Kitawase’ originally from Hokkaido, Japan, and it is prized for its superior qualities in soba noodle production.

Kaz's soba is characterized by their aroma and their smoothness.

Organic & Homemade

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